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Whether you’re looking for infectious virus control devices to prevent COVID-19 transmission or a secure way to help to combat the regular flu season, an automatic dispenser can help reduce exposure in your facility. As more & more businesses are now having employees begin returning to work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, performing public safety policies into your facility is more crucial than ever. Employees need to feel comfortable going back to the office or warehouse understanding they have access to proper sanitation standards. 

Safety guidelines recommended by the CDC add practicing social distancing, regularly disinfecting workspaces, and regular hand-washing by employees.

Hand sanitizer stands to facilitate sanitation and is very efficient at killing viruses like COVID-19 when filled with powerful sprays, wipes, and sanitizers. 

Sam Wellness team has designed plus manufactured sanitizer reaches to provide the most accessible sanitation for all employees in your facility. As exposed to sanitation alternatives, a no-touch hand sanitizer gives plenty of benefits to your facility that can extend past the sanitation measures of COVID-19. 

Benefits of automatic sanitizer dispenser 

Automatic sanitizer dispenser stands can deliver hygiene measures far beyond what a traditional sanitizer dispenser can deliver.  

Minimal Contact for Grown Sanitization

The automatic sanitizer dispenser component provides for minimal contact with other surfaces, reducing the spread of germs. Unlike traditional dispensers or hand-washing, an automatic sanitizer dispenser station removes the risk of unnecessary touch by using motion sensors rather than a button to deliver a strong sanitizing solution in one quick, convenient action.

In a traditional hand-washing setting, workers must touch the tap, hand dryer, or sanitizing wipe dispenser wall mount. All this new contact probably spreads germs throughout that space & increases the chances of COVID-19 transmission in your facility. An automatic sanitizer dispenser and stand eliminate this risk by excluding unnecessary touch. 

Easy Accessibility

Whether placed on a hand sanitizer stand or walls, automatic sanitizer dispenser are a convenient way for employees to maintain hygienic control practices. They can be installed in workspaces, offices, break rooms, or areas of large traffic so employees won’t be moved to skip frequent hand washing if it involves taking a trip to a restroom or hand sanitizer station on the opposite side of the facility.

Protect Your Workforce with Sam Wellness Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Changeable Headers

 Sam Wellness Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser stands can hold a variety of different headers of no-touch dispensers so you can determine the one that fits your requirements and preferences. Popular dispensers held by the sanitizer stand include.

No-Touch Dispensers

 Sam Wellness Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser stands are outfitted by foot pedals so employees don’t need to touch handles and infecting others. Foot works are also sold separately to be screwed to the back of the door for minimal surface contact. 


 Sam Wellness Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is designed to be used countless times and made of durable stainless steel, which serves to resist scratching plus handle drops far better than options can.

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