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Keep Your Hands Sanitized With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer

In the name of keeping cleanliness & hygiene, all of us used to wash our hands maybe twice or more than a day or use a bottled sanitizer once in a while. Fast ahead to 2020, and none of us can imagine life externally hand sanitizer! Coronavirus has shifted people’s preferences plus ways of thinking, […]

Importance – Why Should You Wear A Face Mask?

Face Maks Is Essential During Covid-19

Face masks are a representative of the pandemic era – a visible comparison for the small, unseen viral foe that could be lurking around any corner. Some opt for clothes covered around their face, others do including a t-shirt yanked up up their mouth. The more original hook colourful homemade changes around their ears, while […]

Why You Should Buy a Pulse Oximeter? Sam Wellness

Why You Should Buy a Pulse Oximeter? Sam Wellness

A pulse oximeter is a tiny device that measures the saturation level of oxygen in your blood plus your pulse rate, typically by decreasing your forefinger. Normal oxygen levels typically range within 95 & 100 percent at sea level (lower at higher altitudes); anything under could symbolize a problem by the lungs or the heart, […]

Amazing Benefits Of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – Sam Wellness

Whether you’re looking for infectious virus control devices to prevent COVID-19 transmission or a secure way to help to combat the regular flu season, an automatic dispenser can help reduce exposure in your facility. As more & more businesses are now having employees begin returning to work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, performing […]

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using Glucometers?

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using Glucometers

Diabetes is amongst the most critical and common chronic diseases worldwide. According to a government survey, over 30 million people in India have been diagnosed with diabetes. But with the influx of advanced healthcare products, monitoring blood sugar levels at home has been more relaxed than ever before. Before we probe into the details of […]

Does Sanitizer Keep Your Hand’s Germ-Free?

Does Sanitizer Keep Your Hand's Germ-Free?

In early 2020, as the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, spread, hand sanitizer sales began to grow. By March, the (WHO) World Health Organization officially upgraded this outbreak to a global pandemic. Health companies everywhere recommended that people avoid touching their faces & clean their hands after touching public surfaces like door handles plus handrails. […]

Everything About Secure Plus Automatic Dispenser – Sam Wellness

About Secure Plus Automatic Dispenser

In today’s modern time, everything is now advancing from old-fashioned to automatic. Whether it is your car, home, machines & many other gadgets even your daily handwashing or sanitizer dispenser which you use in your bathroom, kitchen, office, restaurant, or many more places. The touchless dispenser is the best innovation for commercial as well as domestic […]

Things To Consider While Buying A Dispenser – Sam Wellness

Things To Consider While Buying A Dispenser

Managing commercial companies need a lot of planning to get the most benefits of the employees. Among the different facilities that an organization needs to give to the employees, good quality water dispenser is a must. With the increasing level of pollution, using any type of water dispenser enhances the chances of the employees falling […]

Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer? Probably Not – Sam Wellness

Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer

Soap and water are more powerful than hand sanitizers at removing certain sorts of germs, like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, plus Clostridium difficile. When soap & water aren’t available, nothing’s more efficient than scrubbing hands clean of germs & bacteria than hand sanitizer, but proper application procedures are required to ensure hand sanitizers can do their job […]

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