Benefits Of Using Antibacterial Hand Wash

Benefits Of Using Antibacterial Hand Wash

Washing hands regularly is an essential part of the cleanliness and hygiene routine. The majority of the communal diseases, including that of the most advanced outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, spread through touching infected hands on the face plus other body parts. In the past diseases like the Swine flu have also spread into touch and droplets.

We are living very busy lives today, plus in the globalized world, viruses and bacteria spread rapidly. In the case of COVID-19 coronavirus, we have not yet found the vaccine to treat it, and given the fact, there are so few kits and virology labs that can detect it, our only offense is defense.

Doctors have recommended isolating ourselves plus avoid touching eyes and face. Doctors always recommend washing hands using a hand wash post use of restrooms plus before eating a meal. In more advanced times soap and water were used for washing of hands, but it is proven that the use of hand wash with antibacterial properties helps to kill the germs plus bacteria that can result in illness.

What are organic antibacterial hand wash?

Organic antibacterial handwash is manufactured of natural ingredients that have bacteria-killing properties similar to lemon extracts, tea tree oil, plus Azadirachta.

They are free from harmful chemicals also Parabens and do not have an alcohol base. They do not include Triclosan which is a chemical banned by the FDA. These organic hand washes are made in tiny batches and also available in the form of handmade bars.

The organic hand washes have moisturizing elements like coconut oil or shea butter that help to retain the natural moisture of your skin and keep its pH balance. You can use these hand wash also if you have sensitive skin prone to allergies.

These hand wash may cost you a little more than the chemical-based ones but are recommended for long-term use without any side effects. While buying organic antibacterial hand wash, make sure that all are certified by your local authority plus have FDA clearance. Carefully read the ingredients list and ensure it does not contain any artificial or added chemicals, or other sulfates and Parabens.

Try to recognize a brand that suits you also your family and try to stick to a single brand. Try to buy the hand wash from small companies who make them in small batches, to ensure better quality.

A good organic antimicrobial hand wash should non cost you much more say for a small 8 oz bottle compared to non-organic. The organic version is also available under variants like foaming hand washes that give you extra foam that builds on.

How to use organic antibacterial hand wash?

You must scrub your hands properly with your organic antibacterial hand wash for at least 40 seconds each time you use it for practical action. The scrubbing in circular motion not only helps to apply the hand wash regularly but also increases blood circulation and gives you a natural detox from within. The hand wash is more efficient if used with distilled or warm water.

So go ahead and leave the traditional chemical-based hand wash made in labs, plus a switch to environment-friendly naturally made organic antimicrobial hand wash.

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