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Importance – Why Should You Wear A Face Mask?

Face Maks Is Essential During Covid-19

Face masks are a representative of the pandemic era – a visible comparison for the small, unseen viral foe that could be lurking around any corner. Some opt for clothes covered around their face, others do including a t-shirt yanked up up their mouth. The more original hook colourful homemade changes around their ears, while […]

Why You Should Buy a Pulse Oximeter? Sam Wellness

Why You Should Buy a Pulse Oximeter? Sam Wellness

A pulse oximeter is a tiny device that measures the saturation level of oxygen in your blood plus your pulse rate, typically by decreasing your forefinger. Normal oxygen levels typically range within 95 & 100 percent at sea level (lower at higher altitudes); anything under could symbolize a problem by the lungs or the heart, […]

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using Glucometers?

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using Glucometers

Diabetes is amongst the most critical and common chronic diseases worldwide. According to a government survey, over 30 million people in India have been diagnosed with diabetes. But with the influx of advanced healthcare products, monitoring blood sugar levels at home has been more relaxed than ever before. Before we probe into the details of […]

Does Sanitizer Keep Your Hand’s Germ-Free?

Does Sanitizer Keep Your Hand's Germ-Free?

In early 2020, as the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, spread, hand sanitizer sales began to grow. By March, the (WHO) World Health Organization officially upgraded this outbreak to a global pandemic. Health companies everywhere recommended that people avoid touching their faces & clean their hands after touching public surfaces like door handles plus handrails. […]

Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer? Probably Not – Sam Wellness

Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer

Soap and water are more powerful than hand sanitizers at removing certain sorts of germs, like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, plus Clostridium difficile. When soap & water aren’t available, nothing’s more efficient than scrubbing hands clean of germs & bacteria than hand sanitizer, but proper application procedures are required to ensure hand sanitizers can do their job […]

Face Masks In The Time of COVID-19 – Sam Wellness

Face Masks In The Time of COVID-19

In a world, social distancing, staying at home, plus practicing good hygiene would be sufficient to stop the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this is not whereby things are playing out. In response to the fast increase of COVID-19 cases, organizations & governments all over the world are setting new measures to assure those who are […]

Why Do Hand Sanitizers Suddenly Smell So Awful? Sam Wellness

Why Do Hand Sanitizers Suddenly Smell So Awful

If you haven’t risen your hand sanitizer usage over the last months, then you’re doing something wrong. Though the CDC suggests hand-washing over everything else, it also cites sanitizers that include at least 60 percent alcohol as a good option when soap and water are unavailable. Given the skyrocketing demand for the product — particularly […]

How Does Pulse Oximeter Help A Covid-19 Patient

How Does Pulse Oximeter Help A Covid-19 Patient

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen people over the world stocking up on masks, sanitizers, plus personal protective equipment, anything that can provide them an improvement over the novel coronavirus.  As the disease spreads, the need for a device called a pulse oximeter has spiked. So much so that tech businesses are reportedly working on manufacturing […]

Is Hand Sanitizer As Effective As Washing Your Hands? Sam Wellness

Hand Sanitizer As Effective As Washing Your Hands

When you want to sanitize your hands fast, you may reach for a bottle of hand sanitizer. But how efficient or useful is hand sanitizer compared to washing your hands with soap & water? According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help reduce the number of germs & […]

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