How Contactless Hand Sanitizer Helps In Preventing Coronavirus Spread?

Contactless Hand Sanitizer Helps In Preventing Coronavirus Spread?

Apart from the nose & mouth, hands also play a significant role in spreading the COVID-19 infection. The moment your hands touched the infected surface, it picks on the virus now on that surface and from there, the virus can quickly enter the nose & mouth. Even though sanitizing your hands is the solution, using a public sanitizer can neutralize the result. And now, we have a solution for that including i.e. contactless hand sanitizer stand.

While people are returning to their traditional lifestyle & getting back to their workplaces, sanitizing their hands while beginning has become a new lifestyle change. And that’s wherever the risk of contracting the coronavirus disease is higher

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser

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Keeping in mind the improved spreadability of Coronavirus, Sam Wellness Provides you a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser. Which helps you to sanitize your hands out of any contact of the hand & the dispenser.

Mostly using a hand sanitizer needs the user’s contact with the bottle nozzle, which in change leads to the spread of infection.

foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser guarantees the sanitization of hands without any contact between the hands & the device. With a Single button operation, the device assures ideal hand sanitization.

How to Use Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser:

  • First, press the button provided at the bottom of the dispenser
  • Keep your palms below the nozzle opening
  • Then, take the sanitizer plus rub it all over your hands.

All in all, using a Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser helps in the range of COVID-19 infection on a large scale.

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FAQs of Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

How automatic hand sanitizer dispenser work?

An automatic sanitizer operates by sensing the hands and automatically diffusing an alcohol-based hand rub solution. There is no requirement to push any buttons or don’t need any contact with your hands.

Where to get a contactless sanitizer dispenser?

You can get a Contactless sanitizer dispenser from Sam Wellness at a discounted price. It serves you to sanitize your hands without any contact of the hand and the dispenser plus prevents the spread of Coronavirus infection.

Why automatic hand sanitizer dispenser?

Using a traditional hand sanitizer provides the user to touch the nozzle multiple times, which causes the hands to pick up the virus plus can get infected. Whereas, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser provides the user to sanitize their hands without any contact of the hands by the dispenser thereby, preventing the contraction plus spread of diseases also infections.

How to use a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser?

While using a foot-operated hand sanitizer, first press the button provided at the bottom of the dispenser. Keep your palms below the nozzle opening plus take the sanitizer and rub it all across your hands.

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