How Does Pulse Oximeter Help A Covid-19 Patient

How Does Pulse Oximeter Help A Covid-19 Patient

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen people over the world stocking up on masks, sanitizers, plus personal protective equipment, anything that can provide them an improvement over the novel coronavirus.

 As the disease spreads, the need for a device called a pulse oximeter has spiked. So much so that tech businesses are reportedly working on manufacturing smartwatches among oximeters.

What Is An Pulse Oximeter?

 A pulse oximeter is a device that measures the level of oxygen in the blood. Given the result of the innovative coronavirus on the respiratory system, a drop is an oxygen level in the blood is an immediate indicator of the lungs being infected.

How it can help in fighting COVID-19?

The oximeter plays a vital role in monitoring the oxygen levels & lets an individual know regarding the dropping levels. Not only this, it even notifies a person when an individual does not feel breathless.

That provides medical professionals to know soon that every health of the patient is deteriorating. It informs the patient & the health worker so that hey can quickly examine the situation of falling oxygen levels plus the early institution of antiviral medication.

The most significant thing to look out for in a COVID-19 patient is the decrease in oxygen levels. When the oxygen levels down low, the kidneys, heart, brain, plus all the vital organs start deteriorating because people are not getting the needed amount of oxygen,” says Doctor.

“Normal oxygen levels are over 95%. In COVID patients, the oxygen levels drop significantly plus can even drop to 40%. There is a notion known as happy hypoxia. Normally, when oxygen levels fall, the patient feels breathless.

However, in this case of COVID-19, the patient might not feel breathless even if the oxygen levels fall below 90%.,” doctors say. The oximeter then becomes essential in monitoring the oxygen levels even while an individual does not feel breathless. That provides medical professionals to know quickly that the patient is deteriorating.

How do you use an oximeter? 

This device has to be clamped to the fingertip. It then equalizes the oxygen level over 6-12 seconds to give out the saturation level. This Pulse Oximeter has to be used when a person is resting & not while executing physical work. However, if the oxygen levels are dropping,

We would suggest the individual measure the oxygen levels while exercising to know the size of the drop. However, to stay for everyone while exercising is not recommended. However, we don’t look at one single value but rather at the trend.

If a person has normal oxygen levels in the beginning and then it starts failing, that is a more powerful indicator than a single point of contact.

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