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Importance Of Using A Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Toilet sanitation is the solution to keeping commercial or public restrooms clean. But what accurately is a toilet seat sanitizer, how exactly does it work also how do you use it?

What is a toilet seat sanitizer spray?

Whether it’s in a public area, office, or a shopping center, a public toilet that is used by multiple people regularly can be a hot-bed of germs and bacteria. A toilet seat sanitizer dispenser is a switch on the wall of the toilet cubicle that includes toilet sanitizer spray.

Toilet sanitizer spray helps reduce the harmful bacteria also allows users to clean the toilet surface and assure it is hygienic before sitting on it.

What are the benefits of using a toilet seat sanitizer spray?

Toilet sanitization is extremely essential as it can change personal hygiene as well as the overall cleanliness of your public washroom.

Some of the main advantages of having a toilet seat sanitizer spray in your public restrooms are:

– Peace of mind for customers, clients, plus staff

–Many sockets use paper towel seat covers to make their toilets cleaner for users, however, these add unnecessary paper waste to the sewerage system while flushed. They also frequently cause unpleasant smells including decrease hygiene levels while many people leave them in the cubicle. Sanitizer spray fixes these issues and is a unique solution that is completely waste-free.

How to use a toilet seat sanitizer spray?

Install your toilet seat sanitizer dispenser on the cubicle wall, before next to the toilet paper dispenser. Then, users can take a few pieces of toilet paper and place them below the end of the dispenser to catch the disinfectant spray.

Some spray are automated, some may need the user to push the nozzle to dispense the spray or liquid. Once the paper is covered, the user can then clean the toilet seat till they are satisfied that it is clean plus safe to use.


Toilet seat sanitizer spray stays simple and easy to use. There are various spray open that allow users to sanitize the area immediately plus re-filling them with consumables is only as simple to do.

As public restrooms mean used by several people daily, having sanitizer spray available for consumers, clients, or staff peace of mind but will also help you maintain your bathroom clean plus hygienic.

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