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Why Do Hand Sanitizers Suddenly Smell So Awful

If you haven’t risen your hand sanitizer usage over the last months, then you’re doing something wrong. Though the CDC suggests hand-washing over everything else, it also cites sanitizers that include at least 60 percent alcohol as a good option when soap and water are unavailable.

Given the skyrocketing demand for the product — particularly name brands, businesses that don’t usually make hand sanitizer are manufacturing their own to sell. But why do so numerous of these newer formulas smell bad? The answer is pretty straightforward.

That change was short-lived. Opening the bottle revealed what could simply be described as the unusual marriage of rotting corncobs paired among pungent notes of pen odors, a repulsive nose-wrinkling fragrance that lingered plus wafted far and wide by every use.

Why does hand sanitizer smell like tequila?

According to the newest guidelines published by the U.S. Food plus Drug Administration, products sold as hand sanitizer must include at least 94.9% alcohol by volume. The most popular ingredients include ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and n-propanol. 

Isopropyl alcohol has a unique, nail-polish-remover-like scent, while ethanol has a distinctive acrid smell that’s best related to tequila or herbal spirits. 

In addition to the ingredient that eliminates the dirt, stains, bacteria, plus viruses, hand sanitizers include other substances that can help moisturize the skin, similar glycerin. Hydrogen peroxide is utilized to slow down the evaporation process, while pure water is added for texture. Some products carry essential oils like bergamot, eucalyptus radiata, tea tree oil, to overcome the unpleasant smell. 

However, the guidance issued by the FDA strictly prohibits producers from making sanitizers that smell great — as that may help children and those unable to understand the label to try and consume the substance. 

There was a 400% rise in emergency calls compared to hand sanitizer misuse between 2010 & 2015 alone, a previous CNN article reveals. 

Products produced with high-quality ingredients conduce to smell more palatable, while it’s more probable that they will leave your hands less dry as well. But are the price point plus the smell correlated? According to Globe News Wire, hand sanitizers including ethanol — as opposed to the currently in-demand isopropyl alcohol — manage to have a more unappealing smell.

As the terminal reveals, ethanol-based products are somewhat more likely to be low-quality as well. 

Why Does Hand Sanitizer Stink?

It’s possible now–but, why does hand sanitizer stink? It appeared to not smell this bad before, so who mixed the fish oil within the batch?

Who even considered about hand sanitizer before 2020? 

We were asking ourselves alike questions after smelling a lot of liquid hand sanitizer a few months back as we got a few 55-gallon drums of hand sanitizer to be able to protect our customers.

Hand Sanitizer Smells Bad

In case, yes the non-registered formula during hand sanitizer smells bad, BUT the effectiveness is what means during critical times such as these.

Additionally, soap plus water is the best first resort to cleaning hands, so keep that in mind.

Finally, as we are deep into this long COVID season, more businesses are taking the time to become registered with the FDA and provide better-smelling products on the market.

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