Why Wearing A Face Maks Is Essential During Covid-19?

Face Maks Is Essential During Covid-19

After the months of lockdown, as the economies worldwide origin reopening, the emphasis remains on social distancing, regular cleansing/sanitization, and use of masks as a COVID-protection measure between others.

However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has been fairly variable in its guidelines underlining the use of masks as a public proposition being adopted to fight the Coronavirus.

The issue of wearing face coverings in public appears up frequently these days. A common sensibility is, “If I am not personally at high risk during COVID-19, why should I wear a mask?” We assume this is why we see so many people in public places who are not satisfying their nose & mouth. CDC has verified “wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where various social distancing patterns are hard to maintain (e.g., grocery stores & pharmacies) especially in areas of important community-based transmission.”

 By wearing a mask, you’re protecting your community

 More public places are needing the use of face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including all Horizon facilities! You’ve heard it already, but we’ll answer it again, wearing a mask is an additional step in reducing the spread of droplets that may hold the virus. By wearing a mask when you cannot distance from others & cleaning your hands frequently, you are protecting your community & our most vulnerable.

Masks can prevent you from touching your face

We could all use a tiny help with this one. Touching our face is another nature, and most of the time, we are ignorant that it is happening. By wearing a mask in social spaces, we are checking the direct contact of touching our nose & mouth! Which is the main source of contracting viruses such as COVID-19? By following proper hand hygiene rules & cleaning our hands before also after mask use. We are taking an extra step to check the spread of illness. There are three major points to remember when you are wearing a mask:

  • Do not pull your mask below your chin while you’re wearing face masks.
  • Don’t touch the outside of your face mask while it is on your face.
  • Do not allow the mask to be loose, as this increases your risk for cross-contamination.

To express yourself

Make different people smile behind their masks! Some masks have slogans & other messages printed on them. Use your mask to show your freedom of speech & promote what you care about. Or, write your name on it — hold people from wondering who you are.

Masks present a reminder to physically distance

The simplistic act of seeing masks in crowded spaces, tell us to try and keep our distance. Although masks help while physically distancing is not possible. The visual allows us to be careful & keep our space from those outside our bubble! Even while you are both wearing a mask. 

To support your cause

 Many non-profits are selling masks to boost money for a charity. And some will even match your mask purchase by distributing masks to people who need them. Support your social school, environmental protection, human rights, access to health care! Or any amount of causes you support on your mask.

Masks help limit the spread among individuals, objects & surfaces

By wearing a mask, you are not only decreasing the spread of droplets of yourself to others, but you are also limiting droplets to objectives that individuals may touch. Even if you are not coughing or sneezing, your speech can provide droplets to spread on items you do not understand that others are touching, which is why it is approved to sanitize frequently touched surfaces along with

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